In what circumstances should you use an electric forklift truck ?

by Olivier Boutte, the 3 December 2018

Electric forklift trucks are no longer limited to indoor handling. They can be used :

  • For indoor work
  • For outdoor work on stabilized ground
  • For construction and civil engineering work, in warehouses, sawmills, for agriculture…

A versatile forklift

The electric forklift can be used for indoor and outdoor work. Highly compact, it is powered by a battery which acts as a counterweight : a convenient feature in environments where space is lacking. It is suitable for a wide range of loads and heights with a maximum load capacity of 10 tons and a lifting height of 12 meters.

Less constraints for your company

Unlike a diesel forklift, the electric forklift truck generates no pollution : no noise, no smell, no particles in the air. It can thus be used in closed premises, like warehouses for example. To recharge it, you only have to plug it at night (on a conventional or industrial plug depending on models). It will accumulate enough power to work one day long. This charging system saves space usually needed to store fuel.

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