Pallet truck and Pallet stacker

Up to 1,8 ton and 4m lift

These industrial machines require no certificate to be operated. They are pedestrian controlled trucks, which means the operator is walking alongside the truck and drives it through a drawbar.

These handling stars allow to move loads with no effort, inside buildings, on a flat and horizontal floor. Compact and less than 2 meters high, the electric pallet trucks and pallet stackers can easily ride under doors and enter elevators.
LEVÉE LIBRE offers for rental electric pallet trucks and pallet stackers from Toyota, the world leading manufacturer in this category, renowned for its reliability and advanced technologies.

Electric drive. No pollution
Can ride under doors
Pedestrian controlled
No certificate required

Pallet truck or pallet stacker ?

Renting a pallet truck will allow you to move with no effort loads up to 1,8 ton on a flat and smooth floor. This kind of machine is perfect to unload a truck, move parcels around a warehouse and prepare an order. Designed for intensive use, the electric pallet truck lifts the load a few inches off the ground through an hydraulic system, thus enabling to move it easily. It works with a rechargeable battery and generates no pollution.

The electric pallet stacker displays the same features.
As an additional benefit it can lift the load up to 4 meters, with full free lift through a triplex mast.

It also features the « initial lift » function, which allows to double the loading surface, to overcome some obstacles or balance slopes.

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