Levée Libre commits to deliver the right equipment, at the right time and to the right place

Guarantees of rental


Years of experience at your service. LEVÉE LIBRE offers you customized advice throughout your project to help you properly choose and use your equipment. On our website through our online chat or by phone : discuss with an expert and ask for an on-site analysis in case of particular issues !


The right machine, at the right time, to the right place : true to its motto, LEVÉE LIBRE delivers your rented machine to the place of your choice. Keep your peace of mind not taking care of transport, and just safely take delivery of your machine where you want, to use it at once.


Driving a handling equipment requires a minimum of skills. To help you quickly and safely use your rented equipment, our teams will organize a short training session upon each delivery. Functionalities overview, starting procedure, guidelines for optimum use… Our experts will share with you their know-how and experience.

Rental with operator

Hiring a qualified driver to operate your rental equipment. Handling a Forklift, a Lifting Platform, or a mobile crane cannot be improvised. Ask to LEVEE LIBRE for hiring a trained professional operator with the specific driving licence (CACES).


In case of breakdown, LEVÉE LIBRE commits to take immediate action and repair or replace your equipment. A simple way to ensure the continuity of your business. During the rental contract, legal inspections and recommended maintenance operations are carried out by LEVÉE LIBRE.


Your rented equipment can be insured by LEVÉE LIBRE against theft and breakage. With this option, you only have to bear the insurance excess and third party liability.

The benefits of renting a handling equipment


New premises layout, regulation, project… A diesel forklift, perfect for outdoor activities will not be suitable for warehouse work !
Rental offers ultimate flexibility : you can use the right machine, perfectly sized for you particular need. With machines becoming increasingly sophisticated and specialized, rental is the guarantee to always have the most advanced and best suited machine for your business.

Cash flow

With rental, your only pay for what you use ! No capital costs when your machine is stopped waiting for a new assignment, no costly legal inspections, no time-consuming paperwork… LEVÉE LIBRE also takes care of authorizations required to access secured areas such as airports.


Rental is the best way to ensure that your equipment is always in perfect working order. Machines are systematically inspected between two rental contracts. In case of breakdown, the teams of LEVÉE LIBRE repair your equipment on site and replace it if necessary, to ensure smooth operations.

Why rent ?

Be free from long-term engagement
Get the equipment as soon as you need it
Choose your delivery point
By phone, from Monday to Friday, and from 8 a.m to 6 p.m : +33 1 84 73 07 77
Levée libre, 94 rue Hélène Boucher - 78530 BUC - France

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